EXMON Roadmap

EXMON is poised to become a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform and disrupt the financial landscape. As part of this ambitious vision, we are excited to unveil our roadmap, outlining key development milestones through 2026.

  • 1

    2024 Q3:

    Launch of Native EXMON Coin: EXMON will serve as a universal medium of exchange on the EXMON platform, offering holders a range of benefits, including discounted fees, access to exclusive features, and participation in platform governance.

  • 2

    2024 Q3:

    Digital Goods Marketplace: Users will be able to purchase a wide array of digital goods, such as games, software, subscriptions, and more, using EXMON.

  • 3

    2024 Q3:

    Merchant System Development: EXMON's integration with e-commerce merchants will enable sellers to accept EXMON as payment, expanding the coin's utility.

  • 4

    2024 Q3:

    Arbitration Bot Launch: EXMON holders will gain access to an advanced bot that helps them monitor prices on other exchanges and automatically execute profitable trades.

  • 5

    2024 Q4:

    Physical Goods Marketplace Launch: EXMON will broaden its offerings by providing a diverse selection of physical goods that can be purchased using EXMON..

  • 6

    2024 Q4:

    Crowdfunding System Development: EXMON users will be empowered to initiate and participate in fundraising campaigns for their projects, utilizing EXMON.

  • 7

    2024 Q4:

    New Coin Listings: EXMON will expand its cryptocurrency portfolio by adding promising coins carefully vetted by our team of experts.

  • 8

    2025 Q1:

    EXMON Mobile App Launch: Users will gain seamless access to all platform features on their iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

  • 9

    2025 Q1:

    Telegram Bot Development: EXMON will introduce a Telegram bot, enabling users to easily track cryptocurrency prices, execute trades, and access other platform functionalities.

  • 10

    2025 Q1:

    Enhanced Anonymity: EXMON will continue refining its privacy measures, making EXMON and other platform transactions as anonymous as possible.

  • 11

    2025 Q2-Q4:

    Global Presence Expansion: EXMON will actively expand into new markets, providing its services to users worldwide.

  • 12

    2025 Q2-Q4:

    New Feature Development: EXMON will continuously evolve, adding new features and capabilities to meet user needs.

  • 13

    2025 Q2-Q4:

    Community Building: EXMON will actively foster a user community, providing them with a platform to connect, share ideas, and participate in project development.

  • 14

    2026 and Beyond:

    Adoption of Cutting-Edge Technologies: EXMON will integrate the latest advancements in blockchain and cryptocurrency to provide its users with the most modern services.

  • 15

    2026 and Beyond:

    Industry Leadership: EXMON sets an ambitious goal to become the premier cryptocurrency exchange platform and shape the future of finance.

EXMON is more than just a cryptocurrency exchange; it's a movement towards a more free, decentralized, and equitable financial system. Join us on this journey!

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